Qatar’s Ministry of Finance (MOF) regulates financial policies and oversees the public finances. Its responsibilities include drafting and implementing the Annual State Budget, and managing and refining the fiscal strategy in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.


Utilize the State’s financial resources to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030.


  • Adopt successful financial practices
  • Apply concise financial policies
  • Observe the State’s financial performance


  • Partnership
  • Transparency and credibility
  • Excellence and innovation
  • Employee development and improvement
  • Goal-oriented and motivated mindset

Strategic Goals:

  • Maintain financial stability in Qatar
  • Implement the State’s fiscal policy
  • Enhance Qatar’s position as one of the world’s most robust economies
  • Allocate financial resources through effective management
  • Implement budget and funding plans that relate to local and international developments
  • Link information technology for financial management to achieve financial reforms